Mt Agassiz viewed from Wilder Lake.

I won’t write much for this one, as I don’t have many pictures. For some reason my hands seemed to always be tied… My brother Derek and I took his three kids, aged six, four, and two backpacking in the Uintas. We settled on a couple lakes off the highline trail near Mirror Lake. It was alot of work… Oh yeah, the fishing stunk too. Oh well, at least we got the kids out. They had a good time.

The highlights:
Hunter fell in the lake while trying to teach Hattie how to “hand fish.” He went in over his head, but fortunately was able to pull himself out.
Sawyer fell asleep while on my shoulders hiking out, his head bouncing off of mine with each step.
Hattie can go to the bathroom pretty much anywhere. And I mean anywhere.
A demon deer wouldn’t stop bothering me in the middle of the night, until I finally chased her off.
Derek’s 115 liter pack looked like it was loaded for Everest, and people would clear the trail by a few feet to let him through.
S’mores on a camp stove.
Packing a 50 pound pack, with a 30 pound kid the last couple of miles to the trailhead, while Hattie keeps asking “can we go to the store?”

Final thoughts: backpacking with kids is funny.

Hunter insisted on me taking his picture in this meadow. He held that same pose for 2 minutes straight.
Hunter shivering after falling face first into the lake.
Hattie is all smiles.
S’mores for dessert.
The crew, waking up. All four of them slept in that 2-man tent. I think Derek was scared of the demon deer.