On November 30th, The Wilderness Society and the Native American Rights Fund obtained leaked maps from the Department of Interior showing the boundary changes President Trump plans to make in both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Using those maps, I transcribed the boundaries onto an interactive map with GIS data also supplied from the State of Utah. The question I have been asked more than any other is “What will be cut out?” The answer? A lot.

Update: January 24th – updated boundaries with GIS data from the state so the boundaries are now accurate.

Note: To toggle on and off different boundaries, click the icon in the upper left of the map to see the menu. Wilderness Study Areas are turned off by default, but turning them on will give a more complete picture of what is sliced out.

What is cut out:

  • Cockscomb WSA including the very popular Rimrocks and Toadstools
  • Dry Fork of Coyote Slots including Peekaboo, Spooky, Brimstone
  • Egypt slots
  • Wahweap Hoodoos and most of Wahweap WSA
  • Round Valley Draw slot canyon
  • Willis Creek and Bull Valley Gorge trailheads are literally the boundary.
  • Everything west of Skutumpah Road to Bryce Canyon National Park
  • 40 mile ridge – including Sunset and Sunrise arches
  • Upper Buckskin Gulch and upper Paria River near Highway 89
  • Western section of the Blues WSA
  • Significant portion of Carcass Canyon WSA
  • Croton Canyon, Little Valley and Rock Creek south of Fifty Mile Mountain
  • Vast majority of the burning Hills
  • All of John Henry Bench and Smoky Hollow. This is the target area for coal
  • Nipple Bench – this area is known for outstanding badlands
  • East of the Circle Cliffs to Capitol Reef National Park along the Burr Trail
  • All of Hole in the Rock Road proper. (Presumably, this would allow the State and County to influence the management of the road separate from the Monument plan. The goal is to improve the road, and build a State Park at the southern end of the road to facilitate group sizes up to 100 people to tour Hole In The Rock, a site of cultural importance to Mormon Pioneers, but currently groups that big are not permitted on Federal lands. Full article from Salt Lake Tribune Here.
  • Additional note – Devils Garden and Dance Hall Rock would be part of Kaiparowits National Monument.