To this day, this is probably my favorite moment behind a camera. This was mid-September of 2008 in Denali. I happened onto group of wolves feeding on what looked like a rabbit. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a clean view of them, and while I was slowly moving into a position where the view wasnt obstructed they took their meal and ran away. Disappointed, I sat there wondering about the opportunity I just missed.

Not long after, I started hearing the howls of more wolves in the distance. I quickly hiked a few hundred yards down a braided river channel and tucked myself into some willows, hoping they would follow the same route as the earlier group. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes this amazing animal put on a show for me. At one point he looked me straight in the lens and started running right at me before veering off to find his mates. I was lucky to photograph them for 15 minutes before they finally went on their way.
I haven’t looked at these raw files in years, still can’t believe how lucky it all was.