It’s been far too long since I strapped on a backpack and disappeared for a few days (13 months, to be exact.) I was able to break the streak with a nice 4 day affair on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

I left Salt Lake late and missed the first sunset Monday night, woke up Tuesday to a very nice scene at Pt. Imperial. Headed over to the backcountry office, picked up permits for the next few nights in Tapeats and Deer Creek, and made our way over to Monument Point for the trailhead.

This was my first time hiking in the canyon, and I must say, the place delivers. Unbelievable scenery for days on end, fantastic November weather, a few cultural sites, the river, and a bit of a glimpse into a nice looking slot. Couldn’t ask for more, really.

Rounded off the trip with a run out to Toroweap. Got hit with a nasty storm on the way in, but it blew out by sunset, and was able to make some nice images both at sunset and sunrise. Pretty damn cool place, if I do say so myself.