6 months ago, I swore I’d never do this route again from the rim.  Yet last week, I somehow convinced myself that it’s not that bad.  It’s not that the route is particularly difficult or strenuous.  It’s just that it is long.  And pretty boring.  And there is hardly any water.  And it just might be 100 degrees out.  In the full sun.  In other words, it’s not that awesome.   If you are fast and efficient, you could do it in one single overnight I suppose.  But we are far from fast and efficient.  Instead, we headed out early Wednesday morning with a solid assortment of cameras, tripods, sliders, and a camera zipline hoping to capture some nice video for the documentary we are working on.  And of course, we had to carry 6 liters of water to make it all the way to the next reliable source.   If all went well, we planned on exiting Friday morning.  3 days.  1 canyon.  Why is it that one of the most beautiful slots is so damned remote?  Wait, now I remember.  Because it’s the Grand Canyon, and they all seem to be like this.

It’s not all neverending slog though.  There is a slot out there.  And it is pretty good.  Actually, it’s really good.  So I suppose you could argue the effort is eventually well rewarded,  if you can manage to keep that little nugget in your brain while being scorched to death by the relentless GC sun.  It is certainly one of those trips that is way more fun to HAVE done, then it is to actually do…  But it only takes a few days, a few photos, and a few video clips to remind me how good it really is.  And somehow, the slog doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  Hell, if someone asked me to go again this weekend, I’d probably do it.  And it might even be worth it.