Over the last eight years, Rich Rudow and I have been randomly collecting time-lapses in Grand Canyon National Park. I call it random, because we never really set out to make a time-lapse film. At least not at first. The goal was always just to spend as much time in the Canyon as possible, preferably on one of Rich’s harebrained adventures in some obscure corner of the park.

All told, this film represents more than a hundred nights in the backcountry, countless miles off-trail backpacking, more sketchy rappels than I care to remember, two broken cameras and a handful of flipped rafts. The times we actually made it to camp before sunset and it looked like it might pop off, we would throw a camera on a tripod and let it roll.

At some point in the last year, I realized we had well over 100 of these clips just sitting on hard drives. A couple of them were even shot on the original Canon 5D!

I’m excited to finally blow the digital dust off a few of these. This is eight years of my favorite Grand Canyon time-lapses condensed to less than four minutes.

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Music licensed by Musicbed:
Light Continuum
by Pendulum Theory

Cameras used:
Canon 5d (yes, the original)
Panasonic GH2
Sony a6000 (the lightest of the bunch, shot the most backcountry scenes)
Sony A9
Sony A7rII

Motion Control: Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro + Stage One PLUS