Gearing up for the East Fork of Pasture Canyon. Beautiful storm clouds threatening….

Day 2 of the Easter Slots. Our original plan was to hit up Larry on Easter morning, but we were hit with periodic rain all night, and clouds were threatening in the morning. We decided Larry might be a little too dangerous, so we opted instead for East Fork of Pasture. It is a short slot, with a long slog out, and minimal flood danger. It would prove to be a worthy adventure.

Justin on the first rap of EFC. A lucky rabbit’s foot awaits him at the bottom.

The canyon drops out quick, and wastes little time getting slotty. There are more than a handful of interesting downclimbs, a few average raps, and one awesome rap that I am calling the “Toilet Bowl.”

Justin getting a swirly in the Toilet Bowl.

Enjoying the rest of the plumbing works in the Toilet Bowl.

Another nice canyon, good for a 6 or 7 hour jaunt. The technical section starts nearly immediately, and ends in 2 hours or so. Then, it is a long slog through the canyon, and it becomes very apparent why it is called Pasture. Cow pies are abundant. There is a pretty killer arch in the east wall about halfway to the exit, and it was right about then we got hit by some rain and nasty winds. Luckily, the sand was wet, so no sand blasting exfoliation on this trip.

Very large arch about halfway to the exit.

After a nice scramble up and out of the canyon, we had a pleasantly flat slog back to the car. Not the best canyon I’ve ever seen, but certainly worth the trip.

The view towards the Dirty Devil from the canyon rim.